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Jacks and Recovery Gear

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    Tiregate Hi-Lift Jack Mount Kit

    Billet 6061 base with powder coated steel flange and grade 5 hardware.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Off-Road Jack Base

    Increase your support surface area and make the original power tool even more versatile. Use the Hi-Lift Off-Road Base to alleviate jack sinkage on soft ground.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Neoprene Jack Cover

    This Hi-Lift® branded neoprene jack cover offers a level of mud and dirt protection for the main lifting mechanism (running gear) of the Hi-Lift® jack while stored. It is very important to keep the Hi-Lift® lifting mechanism clean, free from dirt and mud, and well lubricated. The neoprene zip–on cover greatly reduces the amount of dirt and mud that can accumulate in the working mechanism of the Hi-Lift® while mounted on the exterior of vehicles. This helps to keep a properly lubricated Hi-Lift® protected from mud and dirt that can keep the Hi-Lift® from operating properly when needed.
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    Hi-Lift Jack 4xRac Mount Kit

    Although the Hi-Lift 4xRAC was designed with Jeep® owners in mind, it may be installed on any flat surface 2-1/2 wide or more. Drilling required. Kit includes: 2 mounting brackets, 2 mounting bracket caps, 2 wing nuts, 8 hex head cap screws, 8 nyloc nuts, 1 handle strap.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Lift-Mate

    In recent years, many vehicle changes have been made in body styles, bumper styles, larger tires and/or lift kits added, making it harder to find a place to jack up your vehicle. The Lift-Mate is designed to provide a lifting point from most wheels (instead of the bumper) when used with a Hi-Lift®, the Lift-Mate makes raising one wheel of most average-sized vehicles a quick an easy lifting task.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Jack Accessory Kit

    Includes 8' strap, winch tensioner, custom nose attachment, gloves, hardware and carrying case.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Bumper Lift Attachment

    3,000 lb capacity. Used with Hi-Lift Jack for bumpers that are slotted or have a curved surface. Manufactured of high-quality steel. Makes raising one wheel of average vehicle easy. Designed to be used with Hi-Lift Jacks only.When used with the Hi-Lift Jack, which is not itself designed to be used on curved bumpers, the Bumper Lift makes raising one wheel of most average sized vehicles up to 2 (5 cm) above the ground an easy task.Never attempt to lift more than one wheel at a time.
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    Daystar Jack Handle Isolator

    If you own a Hi-Lift Jack you NEED one of these! These 1 thick polyurethane blocks simply slide over the jack handle and the jack’s I beam to keep them secured together. No more rattling or lost jack handles! Fits all Hi-Lift brand jacks.Color codes: (BK) Black, (RE) Red, (YL) Yellow, (RB) Royal Blue.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Loc-Rac

    For use with the Hi-Lift #HL484 Jack.
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    Hi-Lift Jack Jack Repair Kit

    Kit includes: 2 climbing pins, 2 climbing pin springs, 1 safety shear pin, lubrication tube, 2 cross pins and instructions.

Items 1 to 10 of 152 total

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