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Master Pull 3/16" X 50' Synthetic Winch Line with Sling Hook


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The line is made of genuine Dyneema fiber in a 12 strand open weave construction and comes with the highest quality components. In addition, its ease of handling and safety make this classic a clear choice over steel cable. The line is equipped with a 6' Nylon tubing heat guard that covers the first drum layer of the winch line and protects it from potential winch drum heat. When spooling out, the heat guard makes it easier to see the last 6' of the winch line, so you know when you cannot spool out any further. This ensures that the winch line has enough wraps on the drum. For additional wear protection, the line comes with 3' Rock Guard. The Rock Guard protects the winch line from contact with rocks or other abrasive objects during winching procedures and is easily removed via velcro if it isn't necessary. 3/16” rope has a breaking strength of 4900 lbs. Includes: Heavy duty sling hook, stainless steel thimble, 6 ft. heat guard, 3 ft. rock guard.
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Additional Information

Length - In Feet 50
Diameter - In Inches 3/16